Understanding Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a contract between the patient, their employer (if applicable) and the insurance provider. Submitting claims for payment to the insurance provider is a courtesy provided by NH Endodontics, not an obligation. You are responsible for any treatment that is unpaid by the insurance provider.  As a courtesy to patients who have dental insurance, NH Endodontics will inquire about your eligibility, benefit availability, and deductible.  We will estimate your co-payment which is due at the time of treatment.  We can submit claims for payment to the insurance provider on your behalf.  You will receive a bill for any remaining balance.  If there is an overpayment by the insurance provider, we will promptly issue you a refund check.  Ultimately, the patient is responsible for their account; not their insurance company.  Please keep us informed of any changes to your insurance plan, and feel free to ask us any insurance related questions.

We are here to help! Please call if you have any questions about your dental insurance.