Patient Testimonials

“Who would’ve thought getting a root canal would be a pleasant experience! It is! What a great experience I’ve had there, “5” root canals and no pain. True professionals! Wonderful people!”

-Robert K.

“It was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had at a dental appointment. From my arrival and reporting to the receptionist, to my departure, everyone was friendly, helpful, and treated me with the upmost respect.”

“I can’t say enough about New Hampshire Endodontics. The treatment I received was outstanding. I was in for a root canal and the doctor took great pains and time to fully outline to procedure, thoroughly discussing how the treatment would be customized to the dental situation at hand. Being fully informed truly eliminated my anxiety I had been feeling. I did not experience any pain as great care was taken to ensure complete comfort, my visit was entirely positive.”

– Celia T

“The dental team let me feel confident in their treatment by way of education, efficiency with the procedure, and genuine care and concern.”

–Sandy H.

“My experience was fantastic start to finish. From referral to treatment, scheduling was fast and efficient. Most notable though was the actual treatment. The doctor was fantastic. He was pleasant, knowledgeable, and educated me on treatment options. The procedure was painless!”

-Larry O.

“I was very nervous but the doctor was great and the staff very helpful and efficient. I would definitely get another root canal if needed. (I hate needles and he made it so easy)”

-Maribeth F.

“I knew very little about the root canal process, except that I was in extreme pain! The doctor took excellent care and time to explain exactly what was happening and making sure I was completely numb. He was so kind!”

-Jennitha L.

“I’ve never been more comfortable in a dental office. Everything was explained in detail so I knew what was happening and why.”

– Katherine K.

“This was by far my best experience with anything dental related. The staff was super nice, the doctors were super nice, and literally zero pain. The appointment was faster than expected. I am typically terrible in these situations, I have lots of anxiety and a low pain tolerance however everything was 1000 times better than I had expected. Thank you to all of the staff.”

–Leland B

“I had a wonderful experience. I was worried coming in for my appointment, but was very pleased.”

–Holly W.

“If you have to have a root canal, this is the place to go! The expertise and support provided by the doctors and staff are superb. Thank you for taking such good care of me.” =)

-Cathy S.

“Painless and quick. Problem solved in no time!”

-Frank S.

“Best place to go. I felt very comfortable and at ease. I told many friends and family about this place and recommend it to everyone.”

“Dr. Walsh is a very intelligent, skilled, nurturing person and one feels relaxed and confident in his care.”

–Ruth M.

“Dr. Walsh is excellent if you don’t like the dentist chair! He was patient, kind, and explained the process before, during, and after. If you are an anxious type patient…He’s the Dr. for you! Painless!”

“I grew up with horrible experiences in dental offices. I have also heard terrible stories about root canals. Dr. Moll was excellent – very patient and most of all compassionate about my fears. I will return for dental work in the future!”

– Amy P

“I visited Dr. AbdulRahiman today for a root canal and have never had a better experience in my life. She was very patient with me and took the time to explain what was going on. I appreciate her professionalism with something that can be very personal to some people. I will recommend her to anyone! Thanks!

– Jordan H

“Dr. Moll was very patient with me because I was extremely anxious. It was totally painless.”

“Outstanding service in all respects with a doctor that demonstrates extreme knowledge of endodontics.”

“From the moment I walked into the office everyone was very helpful. When the doctor worked on my tooth he was very informative about the procedure and was very concerned about my comfort. Absolutely NO discomfort! Procedure length was longer than a filling, but on par with no discomfort.”

–Barbara M

“Everyone was friendly and went out of their way to make me feel at ease. The doctor explained everything in advance what he was doing so no surprises.”

–Jane P

“I was so thankful to get an appointment immediately. I was in serious pain. The doctor was so friendly/helpful and sensitive. I’d have another root canal in a second. Thanks.”

–Karen O

“Everyone was so great and everything was handled quickly and professionally. The doctor explained everything before, during and after and was very calming.”

“The staff was incredible. It was definitely worth the trip over from Keene.”

– Christy D

“When I heard “root canal”, fear and pain shot through me. This was NOT true! You took away all fears and worries, and there was no pain at all.”

– William N

“Thank you for making my first root canal much better than I could have ever imagined. I was so nervous, as I had heard horror stories of root canals. I had no pain at all during the entire experience! I’ve had fillings that have been more uncomfortable. I’ll definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thank you!”

– Isabel V

“I realized that during the procedure I was thinking, “This is not hurting… at all!”. I usually wait for the pain but there was none; to my astonishment. I can’t say enough good things about my procedure. I wish all of my appointments were as painless and I would not have any fear.”

– Leah M